Level 149: Happy New Year edition

spring(photo by George Cavanaugh)

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

I was playing around with spreadsheets again. Do you know what happens when your Money Game fund hits $2,000,000?

ONE transaction at 5% growth gets $100,000. That’s an ample annual salary for most of us even after taxes. And your capital remains untouched.

That means you would only have to make 5% once a year to live well. Is it naive to think one real estate transaction would be “easy enough” to achieve?

It’s starting to feel boring to write about coming in under budget in our various budget categories. I can’t stress how much this has taught me though. If I had just started making money right out of the gate, I would have probably spent most of it. I don’t know. I just had no idea how wasteful I was.

George and I have seen that if when we take care of what we have, more seems to come to us. Keeping our eye on the budget seems to be one of those areas. I also want to stress that I didn’t cut our life style (though I did cut some of my own personal spending. I HATE going to the hair salon even though I really the person who cuts my hair. I hate sitting there, I hate the “posh” atmosphere (I’d rather be out on the water paddling my kayak), I hate the expense and I hate the amount of time it takes. So even though I’ve been putting those funds into our Money Game, it hasn’t been a “lifestyle” cutter. My hair just doesn’t look so hot right now.)

Looking ahead – I want to keep blogging about what I learn from the Money Game and explore ways to actually make money. I don’t think I’ll blog as much about saving money (but I may if I feel like I have something new to add to what I’ve written). We’re probably heading into a boring season anyway. All of the annual expenses like property tax and home insurance have been paid and that won’t start up again until next fall.

Look for daily updates on my efforts to sell things. This is way out of my comfort zone and I welcome any help or advice anyone has to offer. If I learn anything particularly helpful, I’ll share it here.

I’ve been poking around Side Hustle Nation and it has a lot of money making ideas that I think have merit. I signed up for updates and got a link to a free ebook called “Buy Buttons”. “Buy Buttons” is written as a noun and explains the many places that exist on line where one can market a product or a service. It also explains a new sharing economy with websites that let you rent a room, your car, etc. There are lots of websites out there right now but this is one that stands out to me. I found myself nodding my head to many of the ideas as legitimate things that could be done on the side.

Level 149 is complete today as the beach property POA came in way under budget (we had a special assessment last year so I budgeted twice as much just in case).

December ended up being a month with the most money deposited so far. That kind of surprised me with Christmas spending but in all fairness, I started shopping early this year and had a lot done by Thanksgiving. That helped a lot.

Level Completed: 149 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $1,502.69
Total Balance: $7,263.45
Our Money Game fund has increased 26.1% so far this month.

$275.42 is needed to reach the next level.


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