A camping hack (and how we save money)

We went camping at Grayton Beach last Thanksgiving. They have the coolest grates that fit over their campfire rings. It’s adustable and it gives you a great cooking surface. We liked it so much we asked at the office where we could order one. They happily obliged with a link and we we learned these grates cost hundreds of dollars each.

That wasn’t going to happen. But stuff like that gets on our radar and we start noticing fire pits, ways of cooking outdoors, etc.

Today I ran into this You Tube video. It’s a $6 solution and it will also fit into the big plastic bin that houses our camping “kitchen”. (I said a $6 solution as we’ll probably get the larger sized brackets.)

A camping hack (via You Tube)

I love finding things like this. I think it’s actually a better solution for us as it’s more portable. We also won’t have to figure out how to get a huge, cast iron grate that’s been over a campfire into the back of our SUV. (I mean we could but I don’t want to mess up our vehicle.)


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