Powering up with a quick update

Random post notes:

  • $65.75 power up from a $30.75 ibotta rebate, a $20 rebate from a camp thing we signed up for and a fun extra $10 (George gave me a $10 when I told him I’d just wait in Panera while he got his hair cut next door – the Panera server said “Just coffee? It’s on the house.” Whooop!!) I’m going to take the change jar too so I’ll come back and update the totals after the credit union change counter does its thing. Don’t hold your breath – it’s not a lot but it all counts.
  • Adding $3.40 to the deposit from the change jar
  • I’ve been gone for 21 days doting on family and honestly I’m tired. If your inspiration is waning, seriously try to get more sleep if you can.
  • I did lots of homework on beach real estate. There are a lot of costs associated with buying and selling real estate. The money is going to be made in finding properties in great locations for great prices. It’s not going to be a cake walk.
  • George is genuinely excited about the Money Game and he’s tracking with me. It’s a huge help to have someone personally cheering you on.
  • While I was gone, I was able to concentrate on my family. That was a good check for me and I’m relieved that it didn’t bother me to spend more than usual on gas & food, etc. When I found myself wishing I could work on the MG, it was easier than being at work waiting for the evening’s fun to start. That’s cause I was with my family. They are the reason I’m playing anyway. I hope to be able to show them how to be free of a job they may not enjoy and one day, they’ll inherit it. Getting to pause to actually be with them was a blessing and I treasure these times.
  • W2’s are out and I’m excited about taxes. George does them and I hate to push him. We get a refund. We’re don’t have any deductions to claim on withholding. Honestly this is something I need to ask our accountant about.
  • My youngest daughter gave me some great tips on flying from the east to west coast round trip for less than $200. I didn’t know that was possible. As I start working through the details, I’ll be happy to share here – just ask. We haven’t seen our youngest son in almost three years. I miss him so much and hope one of can fly to the other soon.
  • We got notification from Costco that our rebate check is on its way. Bring it on! I am such a happy Costco customer. I get many of the organic products we need at better prices than we get at Whole Foods or Earth Fare and on top of that a big fat rebate check. Our gas costs less but contributes heavily towards our rebate. I love Costco!

Today’s Deposite: $64.15
Level Completed: 149 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $215.78
Total Balance: $7,479.23
Our Money Game fund has increased 2.9% so far this month.

$60.66 is needed to reach the next level


3 thoughts on “Powering up with a quick update

  1. Wow, it looks like Ibotta really gets you a lot! I might have to take another look at it now that the stores I shop at have changed.

    It sounds like you had fun visiting family. I’m amazed you thought about the Money Game at all!

    So far this month I’m at Level 73. I had an unexpected chance to earn a little doing a favor for a relative, and I applied one of my bigger cash back amounts of the year already. If still got another cash back and interest to apply before the end of the month. I also will have 5% of my bonus for this year (I decided to put 5% of any income from my regular job over my normal monthly pay toward the game-bonuses, extra paycheck months, and eventual new job/raises, and the rest toward whatever savings category needs it most).

    I sold some textbooks. I think I have more things I could sell; I just need to take the time to do so.


  2. You are zooming through the levels Jessica – way to go! I have got to get busy selling. Your comment is kicking my butt so I think I’ll go list at least one thing right now. Are you finding it easier as you keep going?


    1. I am seeing more opportunities, both for saving money & earning money, as I go. My big focus right now is finding a better paying job. Some more time intensive ideas, like tutoring or picking up online teaching gigs, will have to wait for now. I do want to try listing things on Craigslist or Facebook soon though.


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