Leveling up with a real life example

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

To keep this from being a really long story about the boring topic of ironing George’s dress shirts, I’m going straight to the Cliff’s Notes.

I used to pay our former housekeeper $20 a week to iron his shirts. I got interested in Drive Free Cars but wondered how it could earn 12% right out of the gate. George quipped “That’s easy – you pay someone $20 a week to iron my shirts.”

My financial whiz of a brain immediately picked up an iron and that $20 a week was added to our car fund for many years.

I mainly shared that story to explain one reason why I like having a good iron. Lately ours has been spitting water on his shirts. I also noticed I’ve been buying a Rowenta iron about every 2 years.

So today – the online sewing community I’m part of starting buzzing about “the real deal BMW of irons” being on sale which only happens once a year. I almost bought one.

Here’s the real life example of how we approach buying stuff (and this works for big and small purchases – if you’ve been reading this blog, you know how quickly it all adds up right?)

Me: Finally! (clouds are parting – sun rays are beaming down – angels are singing)

Me texting George: You know that POS of an iron that spit water all over your dress shirt? A really, really good one is one sale today for <$100.

George (calling): Is this the best use of $100? (cause he already factored in shipping and tax)

Me (remembering the Money Game): Well I'll also have to buy an IV pole for $32.95 to hold the gravity bag that holds 1 gallon of distilled water while I iron ….

George points out we don't have to buy distilled water now then asks "Are there any other solutions?"

I suddenly remember a book I read where no steam iron is used. An iron is used on a dry setting and a spray bottle of water mists the shirts perfectly. "Yeah now that you mention it, David Coffin's book describes how to use a dry iron more effectively than a steam iron."

George: "That's what I'd recommend too!"

No, we don't get to deposit money not spent into our savings account each and every time. Sometimes we don't have the money to spend to begin with.

But today – I would have bought that iron if George and I hadn't made the game of figuring out how to get the same benefit or better without forking over our hard earned cash. This is the day I'm claiming it.

$100 + $32.95


Today’s Deposit: $132.95
Level Completed: 150 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $348.73
Total Balance: $7,612.18
Our Money Game fund has increased 4.8% so far this month.

$304.70 is needed to reach the next level

We’ve been married quite a few years and that has built some cushion into our budget. We don’t need as much as we did when we were just starting out. If you are just starting, please don’t read this and think “It must be nice!” Trust me, I know many people who have so much more who may be thinking this whole Money Game is the silliest thing they ever heard of. They are literally managing millions and I get that.

My point is please don’t compare but look at the percentage growth. 5% is 5% (or whatever percent growth you wish to use). If you keep growing your money tracking by percent growth, you are going to have more than you could have imagined. If you aren’t convinced, click on the spreadsheet example above that shows the 250 levels of the Money Game and scroll down to see how quickly it can grow.




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