I’m realizing why I’m procrastinating on sales


A huge part of me doesn’t know what I’m doing.

A little part of me knows how to sell sewing things on eBay. But it was a ton of work and I’m honestly trying to remember everything.

eBay expects top notch customer service. Respond very quickly to customer questions. Ship quickly. Very quickly.

The eBay phone app worked really well for me. I could keep my phone close and respond. I loved hearing that cash register sound every time I made a sale. I’m fortunate to live 2 miles from a post office and I’m home during the day. Quick shipping is totally doable.

The biggest thing I remember from eBay was to know your shipping ocsts before you list the item. I lost money on my first few sales because I had no clue how much it cost to ship things. If you have to drive to the post office to find out first, just do it. Chalk up the time to tuition. Congratulations – you are in eBay school!

I also need to try every local venue I know of. My chiropractor told me his daughter sells clothes on “LetGo”. I’ve never tried Craigslist and I should try our small town Facebook yard sale page. (The Chattanooga page is hopping but I hesitate to list anything that doesn’t cost much as I’ll have to drive at least half an hour to meet up with a buyer). Etsy is another one I haven’t tried and it will work for vintage pattern sales and even perhaps things I make.

It’s 1:00 pm EST. I’m going to get cracking and I’ll come back with an update. The first task I’m assigning myself is to get my eBay app and running. I did sign on to eBay from my laptop the other day so I know that part is good. At least I still know my user name and password!

Update at 1:35 EST I decided to post on LetGo instead (you can see the picture of the listing above). It was easier and there are no fees. If someone buys locally, I don’t have to ship. I had no idea what to charge so I spent 15 seconds looking at that brand on eBay and went with a bit more than I’d be happy receiving. I’m not sure how much people like to negotiate but I gave myself some room.

Here’s a link to the listing on line in case you are curious how LetGo works. I noticed it posted my location. I’m not sure how I feel about it but I’m fortunate to live in a safe, low crime area. Maybe those college girls nearby will feel better about 3 1/2″ heels than I did!


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