Tips for scoring travel deals

DD#2 lives on a tight budget having forsook all to move the beach (we are all jealous by the way). She still manages to fly around the country taking in great shows or reuniting with good friends.

I was at her house earlier this month telling her how badly we want to fly to Seattle to see our youngest son. She started sharing how she flies inexpensively.

Her biggest tip is to use Southwest Airlines and to sign up for their “Click ‘N Save” emails. A newsletter is sent our regularly and she explained if I read it faithfully, I’ll recognize good deals.

Here’s a link to the newsletter that hit my inbox today. Seattle wasn’t listed so that at least tells me that should a Seattle deal surface, I’ll want to grab it. I’m lucky to have three airports within driving distance that I can use so I’ll definitely check out deals from all three.

Another thing she shared is that if an even better deal surfaces to the same destination before my flight leaves, Southwest will credit the difference to me. You’ll need to contact them and request the credit.

I’ve heard others say to clear your cookies on your computer after you’ve researched flights before you are ready to actually book. They say the airlines’ web sites use cookies to gauge your interest and you may see flight prices go up as you keep checking for deals. I don’t have any experience with this but it couldn’t hurt to try.

That’s all I have so far but this is an area I intend to learn more about and I’ll share what I learn and what works for me. If you have any tried and true ways of traveling for less, please share! I’m also on the hunt for websites with great travel advice.  Another reader private messaged me saying this is a big interest of hers and my feeling is she’s not the only one.


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