I read the One Year Bible each day adding the year under each day’s heading as I complete it. It fascinates me how new things stand out to me as I read the stories year after year and see my notes from previous years.

Recently Matthew 25 came up. This chapter includes the parable of the ten talents. I’ve heard it said that this is the only place where the words “well done, my good and faithful servant” were used. Two years ago, I noticed that the faithful servants had doubled the money “after a long time”.

I wondered how long “a long time” actually was and looked up the rule of 72. I jotted down a few examples. For instance, money growing at 12% a year would double in 6 years.

So when I read it again this year, I thought of our Money Game fund and wondered how it stacked up.  One thing I learned – if you play the Money Game your money will double every 14 times you level up.

I also learned that we doubled our money 10 times last year.

Do I think I’ll hear the Lord say “well done thou good and faithful servant?” I think it depends on how we use this money.




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