Doing what’s working

I have had several struggles during January and February. I recognize part of it is winter. I literally ask Alexa (Amazon Echo) what time the sun will set every day after winter solstice and rejoice in each added minute or two of daylight. I’m counting down to daylight savings time (March 12 – bring it on!)

But I’m also realizing that I’ve been beating myself up as I play the Money Game for not doing better with sales. The game stopped being so much fun when I started trying to “make” myself sell stuff.

So let’s look at athletic games focusing on team sports. A good pitcher is not an outfielder right? A quarterback has a different skill set than a running back.

I’m an introvert who loves playing games and who enjoys writing. This game has made saving and finding ways to make our money work harder and smarter a blast. It’s obviously working for me.

But who cares? You probably don’t know me and even if you do, how is my skill set going to get you leveling up in the Money Game?

It won’t but reading about my experience may help you to keep playing while watching what seems to work the best for you. Pulling a few more dollars out of the budget to make a $2.63 deposit may be like pulling teeth to you. Constant budgeting may feel even worse. You may be the one who gets out there and sells like crazy making so much money in one transaction that you go from 0 to 60 so why in the world would you want to waste your time looking for spare change and a few dollars?

You may be the person who is so service oriented with great people skills that you start a service that takes off in a big way. You’re the guy hiring and training others to do the work. You hire an admin to bill for the services, pay the workers a fair wage and send you the difference. You’re spending your time helping other people while money keeps rolling in.

If you’re a teen, you may find ways to make money babysitting while you knock out your homework once the kiddos are asleep. Or you teach kids to swim or you’re buying and selling video games for a profit.

My point is to start playing. Go sofa diving if you have to in order to start but keep asking yourself what you can do with what you have to make more. If anything is obvious to you, dive in and do it.

The thing I’m beginning to love about the Money Game is that it shows you what’s best about yourself. It puts the wind at your back and pushes you along as you do the things you are naturally gifted to do.


3 thoughts on “Doing what’s working

  1. I think you’re right about needing to do what works for you to earn more money. Selling things as a side gig (more than the occasional book or thing I could put on CL) doesn’t excite me at all, & likely never will. The things I would like to do as side gigs are adjunct teaching or tutoring. I just need to put in the time to find the opportunities.


  2. I’ve taught & tutored math before, and could probably get a position teaching cybersecurity classes. I haven’t been looking into it get-together focusing on job search for improving my main job. I would start by checking the job boards of colleges in the area (or solely online ones), asking any contacts I have at the schools about positions, and contacting the Dean of the department to discuss opportunities. The position I had before I got because I had a friend who was a friend of someone in the department and pushed me into contacting them.

    The tutoring I did a few years ago for math was for the children of friends as they find out I can help their kids with math.


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