Thank you for your recent comments and emails

I lost my voice but I’ve missed writing. Two of you left comments or emails recently and they are pulling me back to the blog.

I have a lot of catching up to do so I’ll hit the high points first. Even though I found it difficult to write, we have diligently saved and recently finished Level 162.

What choked my writing? Post after post had nothing to do with my own efforts other than keeping an eye on expenses. When I started this, I honestly thought I’d hit on ways to make our growing nest egg make more money and this would be something I could share with others. My vision was to be part of an online community encouraging each other as we shared ways to grow money is an intentional, disciplined way.

Instead, I felt more and more like a pampered princess as so many blessings flooded in. It felt like bragging and I didn’t know how to share my methods or processes because I didn’t have any. Our Money Game balance is inching towards $14,000 and I’m bowled over. I never expected this to happen so quickly.*

On another track, I found myself wondering if this was what I really needed to be focusing on. I spent some serious time praying about it and I feel like the Lord directed me to Psalm 119:72. It says “the law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver”. I’ve been reading the Bible for years and now know that “the Law” means the written Word of God. This is a deep and rich subject for me because John 1 tells us that the Word is Jesus Christ himself.

We still think the Money Game is something we need to do but this season of prayer and searching helped me to better priortize my days. I’m digging into Bible study and memorization in a way that has been fresh and new. I’ll be writing about this too so if this interests you, stay tuned.

To those of you who read and comment, thank you again. If you write, you know how much it helps to know that you aren’t speaking to the air.

* To be fair – I heard Dave Ramsey say (in a live event) that when we organize our finances to get out of debt and live on less than we make that God rushes to us to help us. I think there is a lot of money around all of us that we just don’t recognize at first.


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