How’s it going with that grocery budget?

You may have noticed I haven’t published any power ups by coming in under on food. I have dropped the ball.

Check your own records. If you tally groceries and eating out, you may discover you spend more on food than any other budget category. When I checked years ago, I was shocked when I found it was our second highest expense right under our mortgage.

It’s easy to slack off. Once you get organized, you reach a point where the pantry is full and the freezer is stocked. Menu planning gets a little boring or a new season of the year starts that can distract you.

I’m brushing myself off and getting back on the wagon. If you could use a tune up, here’s my checklist:

  • Clean out the fridge
  • Start using up the food in our freezer (I like to empty the bottom shelf, then move everything down one shelf. Top shelf is for anything new I’ve purchased. It keeps the contents rotating.)
  • Use up food in our pantry.
  • Get YNAB sorted with respect to the food budget (whack a mole). Notice that amount could have gone to your MG fund. Feel the pain and move on.
  • Make menus, post them on the fridge or somewhere and follow the plan.
  • Enforce grocery shopping day. It’s something that has to be done.
  • Stop shopping with George. It’s too much fun and we spend too much together. (Note to self – there are other things you can do on date night besides hang out in grocery stores.)
  • Start monitoring and grabbing those power ups again.

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