Powering up at McKays

McKays Used Books is well known and loved here. I exchanged a book for a cute sticker book to add to our granddaughter’s birthday gifts. That was a $5 freebie. She’ll love these cute Melissa and Doug fairy stickers and our MG fund loves the $5 deposit.

We also used our regular birthday gift budget to get her a few art supplies and a snap circuit building set. Every little girl wants to build circuits that really turn on lights, shoot off a helicopter blade and emit sounds right? Knowing Ro, she’ll love it.

I just went to Amazon to try to grab a stock picture of the snap circuit kit. I’ve been falling down on the birthday budget. It is almost half the price of what we just paid at Hobby Lobby. Lesson learned – shop ahead and get a deal!! This power up could have been $25 instead of $5 and she would have had the same gifts.


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