ADD and managing finances

The last time I talked about ADD with respect to chores, I shared how much it helped me to start developing a regular routine of running the dishwasher every night and putting away the clean dishes each morning.

The next thing I decided to tackle was getting bills paid on time. It’s a lot easier now with online banking, etc. but we still have a bill or two that require a check.

If this is you, designate one place for stamps, envelopes and the checkbook. If you use a tool like YNAB, you’ll get to the point that the money is there when the bill hits your inbox. You don’t have to have a home office. A certain drawer or even a box will do it. Just stay consistent. The first couple of weeks I literally walked to the desk drawer that had everything and verified it was still there – checkbook, stamps, a pen. Something about physcially opening the drawer and seeing everything there helped me remember that it was there and that everything I needed was in one place. Now I don’t have to do that. As I’ve paid bills consistently, a lot of peace comes with knowing that everything will be in the same spot.

I used to try to time it to pay it at the last possible moment (our money is earning interest right?) Now I just pay it the day it comes. There isn’t enough interest to chance getting hit with a late fee and possibly dinging our credit rating. I also don’t have to carry around that nagging feeling that I have to remember to take care of that bill. It’s been a huge weight off my shoulders to just pay the bill and call it done.

If you struggle with this, following this advice will save you money and stress.

Today’s post comes with the weekly “we came under in fuel” power up. Today’s deposit is $34.69. When I write these up and compare totals from the last post, it doesn’t seem like much. I’m tempted to spend the money.

Two thoughts hit me straight up. First – most of these deposits have been power ups! Second – Anything I need that would cost thirty bucks is already built into the budget. If I spend all these power ups, our house would be overflowing with crap. Weekends would be tied up with decluttering and holding yard sales instead playing outside.

The truth sinks in and I happily make the deposit remembering what I really want – a fund big enough to buy an asset that will make more money.

Level Completed: 165 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $1,449.86
Total Balance: $15,796.92
Our Money Game fund has increased 10.1% so far this month.

$661.71 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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