ADD and home chores Part 2

The first time I wrote about this, I talked about running the dishwasher every night, putting away the clean dishes every morning and knowing the dishwasher was available for dirty dishes throughout the day.

I noticed if I did it every day, I had less work. George helped a lot because he didn’t have to wonder if the dishes were clean or dirty. They always go in the dishwasher.

Seeing that a regular routine made less work, I started looking for other ways to reduce housework.

Making the bed as soon as I got out of it was one. George always gets up before me so if I climbed out of bed at the same time, he’d gladly help. Two people can smooth the sheets and comforter in about 30 seconds flat. The room looks more than half clean because the bed takes up so much space and is a focal point. It felt like a ton of work got done and that really put the wind in my sails.

Thinking back to my single mom days and knowing what I know now, I’d get a kid to help me make my bed and then I’d help them make theirs. Those kinds of time savings multiply.

I love recognizing anything that reduces work giving the same or better result. With any recurring chore, I’m always asking myself what I can do to make it easier and/or faster next time. Doing it as a routine really helps. It takes away the having to wander around in a fog figuring out what to do or where to start.

If you aren’t ADD, please understand that these struggles are real. This is what it’s like. Some days are worse than others but I still have days where the fog is like pea soup and I’m severely pulled in so many directions it’s painful. If your child or spouse has ADD, simple encouragement helps so much. Acknowledge anything they accomplish. Offer to listen if they want to talk it out (sometimes talking out what I need to do helps me process the work load and see how to organize it). DH’s hugs and hearimg him tell me he loves me helps me so much. He believes in me, so I believe in me too.


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