June wrap up

June ended up being a great month for our Money Game. I love comparing percent growth with other months. Our account grew over 15% in June and many investors would be overjoyed to see 15% for a year. (I realize our growth didn’t result from “investing” but the money is still there.)

We got to level up 3 times in June. That’s a big deal at these levels and I’m excited. June also brought some new opportunities. For example, the approximately $16,500 would be a 20% down payment on an $82,000 property. My social security check could make the monthly mortgage payment. If it was a property we could rent with a positive cash flow, you can see it’s a possibility we couldn’t have considered a year ago.

I don’t think we’re quite there yet (I doubt $82,000 would buy a home that people would actually want to rent) but it’s just one example of things that can start to open up as you deliberately start to grow your money. Here’s the chart I put up at the end of each month.

Monthly Deposits Beginning Gain Ending % Growth
July, 2016 0 $509.86 $509.86 N/A
August, 2016 $509.86 $1,214.77 $1,724.63 238.26%
September, 2016 $1,724.63 $1,422.87 $3,147.50 82.50%
October, 2016 $3,147.50 $1,493.36 $4,640.86 47.45%
November, 2016 $4,640.86 $1,119.90 $5,760.76 24.13%
December, 2016 $5,760.76 $1,502.69 $7,263.45 26.08%
January, 2017 $7,263.45 $473.73 $7,737.18 6.52%
February, 2017 $7,737.18 $979.77 $8,716.95 12.66%
March, 2017 $8,716.95 $3,795.91 $12,512.86 43.55%
April, 2017 $12,512.86 $896.85 $13,409.71 7.17%
May, 2017 $13,409.71 $937.35 $14,347.06 6.99%
June, 2017 $14,347.06 $2,170.43 $16,517.49 15.13%

How was your month? Have you found a way to make the money earn more money?

Also in keeping with tracking colds/illness with respect to avoiding sugar, I’m happy to report that neither one of us got sick this month. It’s such a blessing to be able to report that and I don’t take it lightly.  I guess I should start tracking it so I can show how many months it’s been without a cold, flu or other illness.

Eating right is no guarantee. I know either one of could get a diagnosis of cancer or something. But I feel better knowing we are doing what we can and I think not getting common illnesses is a good sign.

I wrote earlier that we haven’t had any illness since I started blogging (actually longer than that but this is when I started tracking it).  It’s a nice milestone knowing we’re about to hit one year.



3 thoughts on “June wrap up

  1. That’s great progress! My June was pretty good as well. I went from Level 96 to Level 101, and increased by 15.32%. Having the new job helped a lot. My goal for this month is Level 107.

    I am learning a little web design to help out my church group, and I’m looking into ways to freelance with those skills as well. I’m not sure I will actually learn enough to be marketable, but it’s worth trying 🙂


  2. Actually…..I just noticed my monthly percent growth formula was wrong for June….My % growth was really 22.55% (only grabbing June dates makes a huge difference 🙂 )

    I should make a chart like yours so I can compare my monthly % growth rates. I have a graph showing deposits, running total, and level which shows growth well but doesn’t help me compete against myself month-to-month.

    Off to revise my Google Doc again….


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