ADD and clutter

The last ADD posts suggested

  • run the dishwasher every night and empty it every morning
  • have a designated place for everything needed to pay bills
  • make your bed every morning

Many of my coping skills came from FlyLady. I thing the best things I learned from her site were her games. The first one was called “Room Rescue”. A timer is set for 15 minutes. If everyone cleans with 100% effort in that room for 15 minutes then when the timer goes off, you’re done. Guilt-free free time comes next. It’s a great game cause there is usually a lot of excitement knowing the end is in site! Teachers play a version of it by playing the “Clean Up Robot” while the kids quickly tidy the classroom.

The other game I learned there is the “27 Thing Fling”. You take a box or container of your choice and find 27 things to toss. (She may call it something else but that’s the name our family ended up with.)

I stressed to NOT go on a marathon cleaning jag where you burn out. But I’ve learned that I can do a fling thing any time. It’s harder for me to find 27 things now. I do know now that any time I toss clutter, we win. It’s less visual weight and less to clean around.

When I get an Amazon delivery, I take the empty box and put it in by the back door. Anything I can donate goes into that box. If I make or buy a new shirt, an old one goes in the box. As I work in the kitchen, I keep my eyes peeled for useless gadgets or cups we no longer use.

I’ve also noticed that the more we toss, the less we buy. We KNOW where it will really end up so why even bring it home? It helps us have less work and more money.


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