ADD meets a new timer

I have absolutely no awareness of time. I know I need to and I try but my own efforts at “trying” fall flat (as in face plant).

I got our master bath organized and got on top of a cleaning routine. Every day I quickly put away my makeup, pick up the towels and give the toilet a quick once over. When I walk out after getting dressed, it looks neat. It took a while to get to this point. I tackled one fixture at a time and kept it clean. Eventually I added another. When I do my “deep” clean once a week, I take everything out of the shower and off the vanity. I take the bath mat and the scale out. Every time I did it, I asked myself what would make the job faster and easier next time? The answer was “Do I really use that product?” I used them up and started streamlining what I actually use each day. Now there’s less to deal with.

I still dread the job each week even though the room is pleasant. I never have the TV on but today I thought I’d try starting at the top of the hour, turning it on and race a half hour program. The results surprised me. I thought it took an hour to clear the vanities and the shower, clean the large mirror over the double vanity, clean the vanity, fixtures and the two sinks, do the shower, toilet and mop the floor. It barely took 15 minutes. Granted I still need to put everything in it’s place once the floor is dry but that’s a pleasant task that takes a few minutes. I never dread that part of it.

The TV was helpful because I couldn’t hear the exact words but I could tell when a segment went off and commercials came on. That was better for me than just setting a timer where nothing happens until it buzzes. This gave me an awareness of passing time and kept me pushing forward.

Consider keeping a squirt bottle of glass cleaner, paper towels, your Swiffer mop refill pads and a can of Scrubbing Bubbles under a sink. Spot clean any time you notice something, keep everything picked up and wipe down the toilet once a day. When your weekly day rolls around, you’ll be surprised how quickly it will go. If the bathroom you’re addressing has gotten really out of hand, just tackle one thing once a week and keep doing the daily once over. You’ll get there.

If you have kids, get them to do their own daily wipe down. Baby wipes are great cleaners. They can grab a wipe and wipe up any toothpaste mishaps and even wipe the rim of the toilet. If they are a bit older, they can pour a little vinegar into the bowl and clean it with a brush. Kids can clean to use wipes and vinegar safely and their bathroom will sparkle too. When I did this with my grandsons, I kept telling them how easy it was to clean a clean bathroom (I cleaned it for them first the first time I taught them).

I came in the next day (they were kinders and still learning) and they didn’t remember. Instead of scolding them, I complimented them on how nice the bathroom looked. Then I had one grab a wipe and quickly wipe the sink (it needed it) and had the other pick up the towels. I pointed out that now it was perfect and that was all it took. They quickly got into a routine of picking up. It took me noticing (“inspect what you expect”) and lots of praise but that’s okay. As parents and grandparents, it’s our job to teach and coach. I made sure I took time to play with them right after these quick clean up sessions. I wanted the focus to be our fun times spent together not me obsessing about cleaning.

I was so glad to learn it doesn’t take as long as I thought. That leaves a lot more time for the fun stuff.


One thought on “ADD meets a new timer

  1. I do this myself in the morning to fold and put away laundry. I say to myself “I need to be done when this show is off”. I get so much more done in that time span.

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