What I really want

Don’t waste your time tracking every single penny you spend to see where money is leaking out.

Instead find something else you want more. Then make it a game to pile up money in that bucket – your Money Game fund, that new toy you really want, the down payment for your first house, etc.

It’s more productive to just go after what you want instead of yelling at everyone for wasting money. If you have a vision and can share it, I think the battle is at least 90% won.

Dave Ramsey says discipline is just remembering what you really want. I think if you keep your dreams front and center, you don’t even need discipline.

I really want an alternate way of supporting myself. I still need and want our 401K but I don’t want to worry about the stock market’s performance in retirement. I have a vision for what we can do for ourselves as well by perhaps buying and selling property. That’s going to take capital. It’s what I really want.

That’s why the $2.44 left in the phone category after paying the bill is going to our Money Game today.

Today’s Deposit: $2.44
Level Completed: 167 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $1,178.16
Total Balance: $17,695.65
Our Money Game fund has increased 7.1% so far this month.

$449.99 is needed to reach the next level

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