First of the month interest payment

This is still my favorite thing to post cause our money went out and did this. I know I’m in a credit union account with a pretty dismal rate but this money needs to stay here now. At least I think it does. I hope to have a better use for it soon.

One example – the marketing arm of our favorite beach town had a meeting and plans to build a bike path connecting the bay to the gulf are nearing completion. It’s public knowledge but not many people know about it. I know of several empty lots a block or two away from the proposed path. We have enough cash to buy one right now. I’m not sure this is what we should do but it is an example of things that are shaping up. George is the one who really shines when it comes to real estate. He has a knack of picking things in a great location that are undervalued. He’s at 3-0 right now and I’m happy to follow along!

Today’s deposit is $5.14.

Today’s Deposit: $5.14
Level Completed: 167 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $5.14
Total Balance: $18,080.58
Our Money Game fund has increased .03% so far this month.

$65.06 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


4 thoughts on “First of the month interest payment

  1. Why does it have to stay there? You can easily set up an Ally savings account and move money back and forth with a couple of clicks. Instead of $5 you would be getting $22.50. You’re throwing away $17/ month.

    Instead of only focusing on selling, also consider your skills. Content mills and transcription services don’t pay much but dedicating a couple of hours a day could help you build skills that could be then utilized in a more profitable way.

    It’s great you’re using the money your husband makes to its fullest potential. However, it would be good to have some income independent of that.

    Have fun with the game- I can understand how it helps motivate you.


    1. Thanks for your comments! I assumed that the high interest accounts had lots of hoops to jump through – needing to have a paycheck deposited, certain number of swipes a month to keep up with, etc. I’ll check out Ally though. Even the lower number in your other comment is a lot to leave on the table.

      You make a good point about selling skills …


  2. Redid the math. Interest rate is 1.15%, not the 1.5% I used. Interest on 18,000 is $17.25 so you’re only losing $12 a month. Of course, that will go up as your savings increase.


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