August Wrap Up

August was very good to us. I had one more power up that I didn’t report as we were out of town – $7.52 left over after paying property tax on the land we own in North Carolina. We ended the month growing the fund over 11.5% by depositing $2,109.50.

The S & P 500 year to date is up 10.4% and we topped that in one month. (The S & P only rose .05% in the month of August by the way.)

I know several of you are playing along now and I’d love to know how you did! Who got the highest percent growth?

Monthly Deposits Beginning Gain Ending % Growth
July, 2016 0 $509.86 $509.86 N/A
August, 2016 $509.86 $1,214.77 $1,724.63 238.26%
September, 2016 $1,724.63 $1,422.87 $3,147.50 82.50%
October, 2016 $3,147.50 $1,493.36 $4,640.86 47.45%
November, 2016 $4,640.86 $1,119.90 $5,760.76 24.13%
December, 2016 $5,760.76 $1,502.69 $7,263.45 26.08%
January, 2017 $7,263.45 $473.73 $7,737.18 6.52%
February, 2017 $7,737.18 $979.77 $8,716.95 12.66%
March, 2017 $8,716.95 $3,795.91 $12,512.86 43.55%
April, 2017 $12,512.86 $896.85 $13,409.71 7.17%
May, 2017 $13,409.71 $937.35 $14,347.06 6.99%
June, 2017 $14,347.06 $2,170.43 $16,517.49 15.13%
July, 2017 $16,517.49 $1,557.97 $18,075.46 9.43%
August, 2017 $18,075.46 $2,109.50 $20,184.96 11.67%

Since I write that health is wealth and track sick days, I do have a couple of sick days to report. George came down with a sinus infection. He didn’t miss work but there was no question that he was a sick puppy with a lot of congestion, sneezing, coughing and a fever one evening. We couldn’t figure it out as he hasn’t even had a cold in years.

Normally he goes through a 3 pound bag of Costco raw almonds every week. He switched it up and bought a bag of dry roasted almonds. I ate some too and never questioned it as he’s usually so careful about what he buys and eats. I got the bag and read the label – sure enough – they contain “maltodextrin”. I knew that meant some type of sugar so I looked it up online. One site said that usually translates to corn syrup solids. He stopped eating them and he’s back to his usual self.

I have no idea if the new brand of nuts did him in or not. I know our experience alone is anecdotal. But we’re sticking to what we know – eating real food that isn’t processed and tracking our sick days.

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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