ADD meets dinner

When I heard Andy Stanley first talk about “rich people problems*”, I laughed out loud and realized how pathetic George and I can be.

*first world problems

Soon after, I realized that every freaking night doesn’t have to mean a gourmet meal gets served.

Don’t get me wrong. We are incredibly blessed and we eat decent food. But at least once a week, dinner is sliced chicken breast (Costco rotisserie chicken) served over salad greens. And you know what? It’s a great dinner.

Figure out what your basic meals are and keep after it. What can you do to make it easier?

Once a week we make a Costco run and buy one of those chickens. And once a week, we slice one breast, open a bag of salad greens, toss the two together and call it done. Washing up after means 2 plates and 2 forks.

If I have no other plans for the rest of the chicken, it gets dumped into a stock pan with the juices that ran into the bottom of the container it was sold in. I make bone broth, pick off the meat and refrigerate the two together. The next day it gets reheated with whatever fresh produce I have (at a minimum I’ll dump a can of tomatoes, a can of green beans and some Mrs. Dash into the soup pot). It’s another fast meal that nourishes.

That’s two nights done and two nights less of planning. I still love to cook. I like to have at least one special meal a week and I also like to have surprises for George. A recent one was to save some bacon we had diced and fried into crumbles for a baked potato topping when friends came over. I sprinkled the real bacon bits on his scrambled eggs the next morning. We rarely have bacon so it was an unexpected treat for him.

I think little things like that make our lives extra ordinary. If nothing else, handing him his food with a kiss and a hug is one more way to let him know I really think and care about him. (Reading that after a few weeks makes me think it’s pretty cheesy. But it’s who I am. It works. It stays.)

Today’s power up comes from AT&T. We were $2.50 under budget and we all know where it’s going.

I had an error in my spreadsheet (please forgive me – I’m dealing with severe fall allergies right now and can barely think straight) but these numbers are correct and match our bank.

Today’s Deposit: $2.50
Level Completed: 171 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $858.29
Total Balance: $21,043.25
Our Money Game fund has increased 4.25% so far this month.

$833.41 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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