Level 172: Despise not the day of small things

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As I keep writing up these small power ups, that phrase has gone through my mind. I actually looked it up and it is in the Bible tucked in the back of the Old Testament’s books of minor prophets.

These small deposits keep rolling over and over and we get to end the month leveling up again! It helps that next month’s paycheck has already hit our checking account. Here’s the list in case it gives you some ideas on where to find some money:

  • $126.19 – left after paying the power bill
  • $94.40 – leftover in groceries (crazy week of not going to the store plus being invited out)
  • $6.00 – I ironed 3 of George’s shirts so that came from the dry cleaning category
  • $15.00 unused gym money

I’m pretty excited as I write this post. We just crossed the $22k mark and we got to level up twice this month.

Oh and since I quoted the Bible I guess I should confess I haven’t actually ironed those shirts quite yet. I’m heading upstairs right now!

Today’s Deposit: $241.59
Level Completed: 172 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $1,946.13
Total Balance: $22,131.09
Our Money Game fund has increased 9.64% so far this month.

$1,027.85 is needed to reach the next level

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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