Weekly Menus October 4 – 10

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Wednesday is the day I allocate a week’s worth of funds to the grocery budget and plan menus for the next 7 days. This step takes me about 5 minutes and it saves me more money than anything else I do.

Every time we make something that we really love, we make sure it’s on the master list in my planner. The list has grown over the years and I never have to rack my brain trying to think of what to have for dinner.

  • Wednesday – salmon patties, pan seared okra
  • Thursday – Paleo BBQ chicken, slaw
  • Friday – cauliflower fried “rice”
  • Saturday – beef stuffed cabbage
  • Sunday – roast chicken with vegetables
  • Monday – sweet potato salmon cakes
  • Tuesday – sauteed chicken breasts with apple walnut salad

Every meal except the stuffed cabbage is 30 minutes or less. These are healthy meals that we enjoy but they don’t take long to prepare.

And in case you are saying “salmon patties?” think crab cakes. Fried, savory, spicy, delicious. We make ours with almond flour, egg, canned salmon from Costco, chopped onion,and Old Bay seasoning. One small can makes 8 which is a feast for 2 people.

We get to power up with money leftover in the grocery budget. We spent the weekend at our son’s house trading free babysitting for his groceries – woot!

Today’s Deposit: $30.64
Level Completed: 172 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $57.92
Total Balance: $22,189.01
Our Money Game fund has increased .26% so far this month.

$969.93 is needed to reach the next level

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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