Consumer to Producer

The bill for my annual life insurance came today. I had $13 left in the category after I paid it. I get so excited when these annual bills come because there’s usually a little left over. I also $2.50 leftover in the phone category yesterday after paying the phone bill.

I also looked at the spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game. It showed me the importance of anything I can sell. For example, if I sell a yard of fabric with a $2 profit, that doesn’t sound like much. But it’s like leveling up at Level 43. I immediately thought of artisan bread cause that’s more like a $4 profit for each loaf. That was Level 58.

I want to learn to sell things working my way higher and higher up the levels in sales now that I feel like I’ve mastered saving. I’m not giving up saving money – I’m addicted to it! But if I learn to keep growing my level of sales, I can start producing income. It’s important to me to find things that add value – things that people would call me and ask me to sell them if that makes sense. Just like Target doesn’t have to call you on the phone and beg you to come to their store. They put the word out of the value they offer and we decide to go cause they have things we want and need.

I feel like if I’ll put the time in on these lower levels that I’ll keep learning and growing (plus the profits will be rolled into the Money Game). I’m not sure if I’m going about this the right way but if I’m wrong, I’ll back off. I’m excited about learning this part of it. It’s the only way I’ll be able to level up once a month or so as each level gets more challenging!!

Do you see how if you learn sales at a certain level – say $2k each “time” that it could also be a huge boost to your own wants, needs and giving? If you think of the number that would mean a lot to your own situation right now, look it up and see what level that it is. My bet is you’ll need way less than a million to generate it. So now I want the game to teach me this and I really think it will.

Today’s Deposit: $15.50
Level Completed: 172 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $73.42
Total Balance: $22,204.51
Our Money Game fund has increased .33% so far this month.

$954.43 is needed to reach the next level

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