Faster than drive through

What’s faster than drive through?

Seriously just sizzle a chicken breast in a little butter. Sprinkle a tiny bit of Tony Chachere’s seasoning – it will give it a kick and a beautiful golden color. $10 cast iron skillet and 4 minutes on each side.

While it sizzles, quickly steam some frozen veggies.

This is the one solution that is faster, cheaper and better. Not many solutions deliver all three.

But that’s boring!! Cry me a river. If you are truly hungry, it’s not boring. It will fill your belly and nourish you. It also tastes really good.

It’s also why we have a power up today – we stuck to our food budget and have $12.97 left. Power ups are not boring!

Today’s Deposit: $12.97
Level Completed: 172 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $926.08
Total Balance: $23,057.17
Our Money Game fund has increased 4.18% so far this month.

$101.77 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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