ADD in the sewing room


Why does my serger look like this when I have over $23,000 in a savings account designated for a game?

Great question!

I had a halogen light and didn’t know how hazardous they are. I was sewing with the light on, left it on when I ran downstairs for something and then got distracted. Several hours later, I went upstairs for something and found the light had embedded into the plastic housing of the serger. This was the second time I nearly caused a fire after getting distracted (the first time was a pretty bad kitchen mishap).

The serger still sews beautifully. It’s staying for now for several reasons. Every time I use it, it’s a strong reminder that I have to focus. It also pushes me to keep playing the Money Game. One day, the Money Game can buy me a new serger. In the meantime, this one works and helps think of better ways to work safely at home.

The first thing I did was toss any the remaining halogen lights. We bought an Ott light for the sewing room. I’ve learned to quickly switch off lights before I leave a room. It’s been a good habit to form. I use Amazon Echo to set timers as the voice activation works no matter what I’m doing. I can also name my timers by saying things like “Alexa set an egg timer for 3 minutes.” “Alexa set a lawn timer for 15 minutes.” The savings on not forgetting that the yard is being watered will easily pay for one of these devices.

I just paid the internet/cable bill for the month and there was $1.14 left in that category. I continue to write up these small power ups because they help boost our MG fund. Just like an extra cookie, they work to fatten things up! I hope yours is getting fatter too.

Today’s Deposit: $1.14
Level Completed: 173 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $1,330.24
Total Balance: $23,461.33
Our Money Game fund has increased 6.01% so far this month.

$855.56 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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