Planners – Part 2

I first wrote about setting up a free digital planner here.

I hit on something else that is really helping me. Don’t just plan. Log what you do.

If you spend an hour goofing off and surfing the web, own it. Logging it will help you process whether you actually need some time off or it will help you think about the best use of your time. This has helped me have more fun too. Sometimes when I see I really do need a break, the realization helps me know I’d have a lot more fun going for a bike ride than I would surfing the web (I can do that waiting in line while I’m on my phone).

As I work through the day and log what I do, I get a huge sense of accomplishment. Before I made this change, I found that I often wasted much of the day only to make a game during the last hour to rush to get everything done before George got home. Now I get the chores knocked off early and have the day for more meaningful projects. I’m so much more productive without carrying that weight of guilt all day long.

The power bill came today. Gosh, I was happy to see that bill hit our mailbox. October is typically a low usage month here. It didn’t disappoint. If the Money Game doesn’t do one other thing, it makes you glad to make the extra effort to turn the lights off. It also takes the sting out of paying the bills.

Today’s Deposit: $159.81
Level Completed: 173 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $1,580.74
Total Balance: $23,711.83
Our Money Game fund has increased 7.14% so far this month.

$605.06 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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