Our crap

George and I spent the first 50 years of our lives buying all kinds of crap and it looks like we may spend the next 50 getting rid of it all.

Case in point: The Christmas dishes I just had to have look so ugly to me now.

I know you have to dress and live like a civilized human being. You have to have a way to get to work and to drive the kids around. But make it a game to do it without mortgaging your future. How can you outsmart the system to look the part without breaking the bank? I wish I had asked myself this with every purchase “How will this move us forward?” We were out the other day and saw the pre-lit Christmas tree we’ve been wanting had been marked down significantly. Part of our old one doesn’t work now and George strings lights on that section. I suggested we get it to make it easier on him this year (we go through this discussion every year it seems!) He asked me how it would move us forward and I shrugged. He’s the one who strings the Christmas lights so if he’s good with it, I am too. In his mind, taking the extra hour to put up the tree was worth having an extra $230 in our bank account. (I haven’t moved it over yet – we still aren’t through the Christmas season yet.)

Also consider challenging yourself with “How can I get the same result spending less? Can I do it with something I already have? Do I have a better use for this money?”

If after all that, you still see you need to make the purchase, then make it with confidence and enjoy! This isn’t about not having nice things. It’s about you deciding what you need and analyzing the best way to use the dollars you choose to spend. I don’t thing many things feel worse than forking over money only to realize later you’ve been had by a crew of marketing wonders from some office.

George’s expense check is $130.23 and I don’t have to tell you where it’s going!

Today’s Deposit: $130.23
Level Completed: 175 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $1,972.42
Total Balance: $25,887.56
Our Money Game fund has increased 8.25% so far this month.

$921.81 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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