December 2017 Wrapup

December was a challenging month for me. George came down with the flu before Christmas. I was pretty concerned for a good week. I made him a ton of homemade bone broth and set timers to remind me to get him to drink water every hour. Normally, we do Christmas shopping, wrapping, etc. together but I flew solo this Christmas.

I didn’t stay on top of moving every budget item that came in under over to the Money Game but I know I kept first things first. George is better having had the last week off as vacation to rest and we had some quality friends and family days to celebrate. We had a good Christmas and I hope you did too.

Our Money Game fund grew by 5.18% and we deposited $1,341.86. We leveled up once this month.

As you read this, please realize this happened usually one small deposit at a time. Every time I found some extra money, it went to the Money Game and we tracked the growth. Often the deposits were so small, it was almost embarrassing to write about. This past month, I had many I couldn’t take the time to make as I was so busy (you’ll be seeing them come up in the next days). I also often wondered if someone I knew in real life might stumble on this blog and what they would think. It seems silly to write about making a bank deposit for $1.14 because your cable bill was under budget for the month. I’m taking the time to write it up so I can teach my kids or maybe even my grandchildren. I have to admit, it inspires me to look over the months’ progress and see what’s happening. I’m looking forward to bigger and better in 2018 and beyond. Anyway my point is please consider reading the archives and making this your story. You’ll probably come up with better ways to do this and leave me behind in the dust. I hope so!

Along those lines, please add your voice if you have thoughts, ideas or questions.


Monthly Deposits Beginning Gain Ending % Growth
July, 2016 0 509.86 509.86 N/A
August, 2016 509.86 1214.77 1724.63 238.26%
September, 2016 1724.63 1422.87 3147.5 82.50%
October, 2016 3147.5 1493.36 4640.86 47.45%
November, 2016 4640.86 1119.9 5760.76 24.13%
December, 2016 5760.76 1502.69 7263.45 26.08%
January, 2017 7263.45 473.73 7737.18 6.52%
February, 2017 7737.18 979.77 8716.95 12.66%
March, 2017 8716.95 3795.91 12512.86 43.55%
April, 2017 12512.86 896.85 13409.71 7.17%
May, 2017 13409.71 937.35 14347.06 6.99%
June, 2017 14347.06 2170.43 16517.49 15.13%
July, 2017 16517.49 $1,557.97 $18,075.46 9.43%
August, 2017 $18,075.46 $2,109.50 $20,184.96 11.67%
September, 2017 $20,184.96 $1,946.13 $22,131.09 9.64%
October, 2017 $22,131.09 $1,784.05 $23,915.14 8.06%
November, 2017 $23,915.14 $1,974.70 $25,889.84 8.26%
December, 2017 $25,889.84 $1,341.86 $27,231.70 5.18%

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