Having fun with Canva

Living The Life

I learned about a new website for graphic design called Canva today. In just a few minutes, I was able to create this PDF (it’s just a light hearted flyer I made joking around with George). I don’t have any artistic talent or graphic design skills but it makes it easy to create attractive graphics for your blog, Facebook post, Pinterest, business cards, etc.

It’s free and I think it’s going to be worth my time. If you are selling things online, you can also use it to create professional looking graphics for the things you want to list on Facebook and other places.

Along those lines, my first eBay auction intended for the Money Game ended and I have a nice little power up of $13.57.

Today’s Deposit: $13.57
Level Completed: 176 out of 251
Amount Deposited this month: $187.26
Total Balance: $27,418.96
Our Money Game fund has increased .7% so far this month.

$730.88 is needed to reach the next level

New? Start here …

Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game


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