Random Stuff #1

Tricking out housework

I realized this week that I have a few minutes when I’m drying off after showering. My skin feels too clammy to put on clothes but my hair is too wet to start doing makeup, etc. I got the idea that I could use this dead time to trick out some housework. I deep clean that bathroom once a week so I thought I’d do it quickly and see if I could still be ready more or less the same time. I was shocked that it worked.

(One reason is because I deep clean that bath so much and stay on top of it each day. It didn’t take any time to clean the mirror, spray the shower and tub with Scrubbing Bubbles, knock all that off with a Mr. Clean magic eraser, wipe down the counter and vanity, swish and swipe the toilet (thank you FlyLady) and swiffer the floor. It took longer for the floor to dry.

That went so well that I did it again this morning vacumming the room next to the bath.

I felt like I won an hour each time because those weekly jobs have an hour assigned to them.

It felt so great I started thinking about how to trick out work in general. An obvious one is to take off shoes before coming in the house. If the dirt doesn’t get in, it doesn’t have to be cleaned out.

Another obvious one is to choose one of those dinners that taste better reheated and make twice what you need. We go to church services on Thursday night so I do that every Wednesday. Thursdays are awesome because dinner is cooked. There’s an extra hour right there plus clean up is easier.

Does anyone know how to prevent dust?

Building Routines

I’ve tried lists, reminders and apps. Then I switched from iPhone to Android and found Keep. It’s a game changer – here’s why:

  • I can make a template and then copy that template each day renaming it to the day of the week, the day’s date or a crazy name given what that day’s schedule looks like.
  • It has a checkbox option. People like me love checkboxes.
  • As soon as I complete a task, I tap the checkbox and it gets checked, demoted to a grayed out list and basically disappears (but I can easily see what I’ve accomplished). My list gets smaller and easier as I work through each day.
  • I can add non-recurring things to my working copy of the template each day.
  • I can easily reorder items on the template and/or the working copy (it’s life and life throws curve balls). This also means as I work on building routines, I can easily go back to the original template and tweak it.
  • I can also add anything I want to the template and delete it later. I love this option. When a project finally gets deleted from the template, it feels like a huge load lifted off along with a great sense of accomplishment.
  • I can assign different colors to my lists. I love that!
  • Once the day is done, that day’s list can easily be archived and deleted if I like.

Another thing that has been helpful is knowing I’ll see these recurring tasks every single day. I’m a recovering slob and I finally have the downstairs looking good on a daily basis. Upstairs is another story. When something like “dust and vac upstairs” comes up, I know I can’t knock it all out in one day. Since I know I’ll see it every day, I can chip away at it. When I start conquering a new room, I start working to the left of the door I enter and working my way around. The next day I’ll make more progress and eventually it all gets under control.

An easier way to drink more water

One of the things in my daily template checklist are reminders to drink water. I entered water1, water2, water3, etc. They are numbered because it encourages me that the end is in site and that I’m making progress.

But that’s not even the tip. The tip is to fill a measuring cup with 8 oz of water and then try filling different glasses and cups you have on hand. I found a tea cup looks small compared to the 8oz water glasses I had. Since it’s looks so much smaller, it seems that much easier. The more I drink, the more I want. I tap on the checklist after drinking a cup and boom! water1 is gone. I also spaced out my water reminders sprinkling them through all the other daily tasks I have. That keeps me drinking throughout the day.

The Money Game

No change in funds today but a big change in me. I listed a mens Disney golf shirt and put a stack of more things to list upstairs. I’m about to head up and get to work. I am dying to get back to normal on the Money Game and threatened to sell my car if we don’t get the house issues fixed soon (waiting on a professional engineer) soon. “Back to normal” will include regular selling so it’s all good. I’m thankful I can recognize what this season is teaching me.


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