Baby Step 2 of Keeping House

A few years into our first starter home, we were burned out and struggling. The place still felt like a dump and back then, it felt too small for a family of six (we married with 4 children).

We went camping and I was hit with inspiration waking in our tent the last morning. I was going to completely empty our bedroom and then put it back together. I emptied everything – all the drawers and the closet. I took down the curtains and even took the bed apart.

It didn’t take long to clean the empty room and the windows. Then we put the room back together. This time, we only put back what looked and felt right.

It was an amazing experience. I fell in love with our house. It was before the minimalist movement (okay I admit – it was before the internet!). I realized our house wasn’t the problem. The problem was our clutter.

I wish I had before and after pictures. It would be so much fun to go back and revisit that experience in a visual way.

Baby Step 2 for me is going through each room to tidy, declutter, organize and clean. I work my way around the room and try to make some progress every day. My only rule is stuff that comes out of this room can’t get piled in another room that has been baby stepped. I can shove it out of the way and even toss it in a room that hasn’t been done. But now way can I mess up progress I’ve already made.

Clutter does have a way of reappearing at least at our house. By the time I finish upstairs (I’m have two bedrooms left to finish) I’ll need to do a quick redo of our laundry room.  It’s a clutter magnet and if I had to guess, I’d venture that most homes have one.

I tag these posts ADD by the way. Establishing routines and getting our home clean and organized has helped me deal with my ADD without using meds.


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