Life happening

No – I didn’t raid the Money Game.

But we are slogging on. January always seems like a month where I freeze figuratively and literally.

We did our taxes and didn’t owe. The money I set aside from social security income for taxes was freed up so $1,806  got moved to the fix the house fund. It’s a good start. The estimate came from the engineering firm but didn’t include fees for the survey, landscape arcitect, bulldozers or foundation repair. At least the ball got rolling. Right now, we’re trying to get about $20k together.  We keep telling ourselves the longer it takes, the better chance we have to cash flow it all.

I thought I’d be despondent that these types of windfalls couldn’t go to the Money Game but it hasn’t bothered me at all.  I’m grateful we haven’t had to get into savings or the Money Game to fix the house. More windfalls are expected – the proceeds from selling my Lexus to a family member, a big Costco rebate check, tax refunds, etc. I guess I can report on that while we wait for this season to pass.

The power bill came and it was actually over budget. I had to WAM (whack a mole in YNAB speak) by moving a few dollars from our fuel category to cover it ($3.06 if you are counting).

Yesterday temps moved to the high 50’s and I got to spend a pleasant afternoon cleaning up the azaela bed in our front yard. Spring will get here soon enough. These breaks in the weather help so much!!

House repair fund target: $20,000

Saved so far: $1,806



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