Fat Head Pizza Part 2

After George made his pizza, he had some dough left. He stuck in the fridge and we pretty much forgot about it.

Today was a crazy day. His phone was DOA this morning and one of my closest friends lost her dad – unexpectedly. We both had our hands full and decided we really didn’t even want to eat dinner tonight.

That worked great until tummies started grumbling later in the evening. George remembered the dough and made some more pizza.

This time he rolled it out super thin and he said it was a lot better this time around. It was so good that I thought it was worthy of a blog post. I was sitting in the living room waiting to hear the bad news. Instead, amazing smells came from the kitchen followed by a platter of pizza and stir fried broccoli.

I’m normally skittish over anything that’s hung out in the fridge more than 3 days. I posted about our first Fat Head Pizza dinner on the 4th – more than 2 weeks ago. This is longer than I’d preferred to wait but again – I’m posting as this is definitely a recipe than can be made ahead and then quickly rolled out and finished in the oven with your preferred toppings.

Our home maintenance fund got also got a solid boost from our big rebate check that came from Costco. The check was $557.56 and it went straight to the house repair fund. I am so ready to get this done and get back to the Money Game. I haven’t been myself since we had to make this detour.

House repair target fund: $20,000

Saved so far: $6,922.56


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