Payday …

Payday and our own efforts to save like crazy means the house fund now has $16,600. I get to start on the Money Game again as soon as it reaches $20,000 (and as long as the bills for the repairs and professional services stays under 20k).

If this experience has taught me anything, it’s that the Money Game really needs to be focused on making money – not just saving money.

I’m out of town this week but when I get back, I need to get busy.

As part of this, I’m studying to get my real estate license. I could wait to get a couple of hundred thousand dollars to start buying and selling property …. or I could my license right now and sell other people’s property. The process is easier and less expensive than I would have thought.

Since I know the area around our favorite beach so well, I’m working on getting licensed in the state of Florida. Depending on how that goes I may get licensed in my home state too.


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