Your first challenge is to grab $5 and use it to make an additional twenty five cents.

Get your twenty five cents any way you like:

  • Buy something undervalued and sell it for a higher cost
  • Find something around your house that you no longer use and sell it
  • Find a great sale or coupon for something you are going to buy anyway
  • Hilarity will ensue (this is a game) and you’ll come up with all kinds of whacky ways to come up with some cash

Make your money, take the profit or savings and put it with your $5. You should now have $5.25.

You can keep your money in an envelope, a piggy bank or a savings account – it’s totally up to you.

Consider leaving a comment before heading off to Level 2. If everyone who plays will share how they leveled up, you’ll help others forge ahead.  Who knows? Maybe your brother-in-law will become successful thanks to you and stop borrowing money.