Level 162: Doing what we do

May ushered in with several things:

  • Interest on the MG account has grown plus the interest rate itself is now more  (since the account has more than 10k).
  •  We came in under budget on car insurance and the phone.
  •  George kicked in a $100 bonus in honor of my birthday.
  •  He had a nice expense check for $182.66.
  •  We have a regularly scheduled $125 deposit that goes in at the first of each month.

This takes us to $13,853.07.  We’re up 3.3% for the month working on Level 163. We have  $364.51 left to get to finish this level.

What would you do with $14,000 to make $700 more? That’s our challenge right now.


3 thoughts on “Level 162: Doing what we do

  1. What about Lending Club or another peer lending company? It’s more risky than stocks or real estate, but you can help people while earning a return. I wouldn’t throw the whole amount in at once since you got a bump in Interest, but it could help speed up your rate of growth. I haven’t done any research into it yet, I’m just going of what I’ve read in passing.


  2. I’ve read about it on Side Hustle Nation. I’ll try to find a link and write a post about it. There’s definitely a default rate if I recall.

    It will be a about a week before you see a post cause I have other posts scheduled. I love seeing ideas in the comments – thank you!!


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