Getting Your Family Onboard

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Google Doc spreadsheet showing all 250 levels of the Money Game

My husband has zero interest in personal finance.  He deals with spreadsheets and savings all day at work and when he gets home, he just wants to chill.  He trusts me that I handle the finances and his eyes are so glazed over that he doesn’t even want to know that his 401k just hit a new high.

So I almost fell over this morning when he asked me if I had leveled up yesterday.  Then he asked me what level I was on (69) and how much I needed to level up to 70?  $4.40

“That’s weird!” I thought thinking he’s really trying to be nice to me.  We had a pleasant dinner and a great evening and I didn’t think anything else about it.

This morning he opened his wallet and handed me $5. “That ought to get you to the next level,” he said before he headed out to work.  I was gob smacked.  He actually asked about something related to personal finance and followed up to help with it? Without any prodding from me?

I thought about it this morning and I honestly think it happened because I’m playing a game.  Games are fun.  Games make you want to win.  Games bring people together.

Level Completed: 70  Total Balance: $155.03

Our Money Game fund has grown 3,000% since July 13 (almost 3 weeks ago).




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